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Measuring Tape

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If you're having surgery, any cosmetic surgery on the body, you need a measuring tape! Use a measuring tape to keep track of the changes happening to your body. Your weight will fluctuate, you will bloat and your eyes will play tricks on you. Keep your emotions in check by measuring yourself. 

Suggested Use:

We suggest that you measure the following pre surgery:

  • circumference of upper arm
  • above bust, under arm pit
  • bust (across the nipples)
  • under bust
  • waist (a few inches above belly button, usually the smallest part of waist)
  • hips (around biggest part of your butt and hips)
  • largest part of your upper thigh

Write these down and see how your body changes:

  • immediately post op (or day after)
  • 1 weeks post op
  • 3 weeks post op
  • 8 weeks post op
  • 12 weeks post op
  • 6 months post op

Your body will change drastically and sometimes seeing the change in the numbers can keep you sane and realize how far you've come!

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