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closed urinal
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Closed Urinal - For night time

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The quickest thing you'll realize you need after surgery requiring a compression garment is a device for peeing! A Pee Funnel or Closed Urinal can help you relieve yourself without the discomfort of removing your compression garment each time. 

How is it different from the Pee Funnel?

The Closed Urinal is especially helpful for the day of surgery when you'll be at a high risk for fainting. You may be weak and unable to make it to the bathroom in time. The Closed Urinal is also very helpful for sleeping through the night that first week since you can relieve yourself without leaving the bed.

Your lymphatic system will be working overtime to help flush your body out after surgery. You'll need to be hydrating every hour after surgery and using the bathroom almost every hour and a few times a night. A Closed Urinal or Pee Funnel can help you get the rest you need by ensuring you keep your faja on and don't spend 10 minutes each time putting it back on along with the foams and boards. You'll need all your energy to take walks, eat, and get to your massages. Not to mention that keeping your faja on will help you heal faster, keep the swelling down and keep fluid from collecting.

Suggested uses of the Closed Urinal:

  • For post operative urination so that you don't have to remove your faja or sit on your new bbl
  • For after an injury where you cannot squat or bend to sit on the toilet
  • For sedentary individuals who can't make it to the bathroom
  • For camping or hiking where bathrooms are not readily available
  • For long car rides


  • If on the go, rinse with warm water or warm soapy water and allow to air dry. Urine is sterile when it exits the body
  • Be sure to wash the Closed Urinal with warm water and antibacterial soap on a regular basis


  • Practice using your Closed Urinal on your knees before you need it to allow your brain to adjust to peeing in different positions

Note: Please use caution using the Closed Urinal immediately after waking up from anesthesia. You will be dizzy and prone to fainting. Have someone supervise you any time you are attempting to position yourself upright and be sure to get up slowly.